Board of Management

started its journey in the milling industry in Anatolia that is the center of different cultures since ancient times and the witness birth of the cultures with war and peace.

Since 1955,
Barmaksan is a too strong company in Turkey and around the world with its creative, smart and diligent crew.

Medeniyetlerin buluşma noktası Anadolu’da doğan BARMAKSAN, geçmişten gelen bu güç ve tarihsel birikimle faaliyet gösterdiği her alanda adından söz ettiriyor. Kısacası doğduğu bu topraklardan dünyaya doğru yol alıyor ve kendine çizdiği bu yolda en iyiye ulaşmak için durmadan çalışıyor.

About us

Ugur Promilling started to produce in 1955 at the 600m² manufacturing area in Corum. Ugur Promilling increased its production and exportation by day day and grew fast and successfully. Ugur Promilling manufacturing area is 18.500 m² now. We design and manufacture the most efficient and durable machine with advanced technology. Being a family with our crew is our main strength. We build turnkey plants with developing technology and our experiences around the world. Also, we build trustworthy relationships with our valued customers. Customer satisfaction and being reliable are so important to us. We are so proud of being one of the leading brands in the world.

From the foundation date to now, we create a safe and reliable workplace for our crew. Providing worker motivation and happiness at work so important to us. Providing worker motivation and customer satisfaction are our priorities. We always aim to work with high performance to be a preferred company.

Build the best turnkey plants and produce the best machines to as one of the biggest companies in the world.

ISMS Quality Policy