Grain Processing Plants

From bulgur to corn, from rice to oats… Uğur Promilling builds turnkey projects using equipment and materials that are 100% self-developed technologies. Uğur Promilling is the only company that builds all grain processing enterprises on a turnkey basis, based on the technical and economic process and obtaining the necessary information about the country, region, land and product in which its clients plan to invest. We use all our know-how to create objects that will meet not only the expectations of customers, but also allow them to take a more advantageous position in their market. We appreciate the trust of our regular clients who have already become a family for us, and we feel our responsibility to ensure and support the uninterrupted work of the projects designed for them by our company.

Flour Mills

Uğur Promilling has built many successful turnkey flour mills around the world, which have been highly appreciated by customers. Our clients boldly invest in new projects, having convinced themselves from their own experience of the quality of factories that were built and successfully transferred for operation by our company. Uğur Promilling, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015, continues to operate, using its experience and accumulated knowledge to offer its customers the best in the industry. We continue to inspire the trust of our customers, offering many reference projects of various sizes, as well as enterprises producing up to 1200 tons of flour per day....

Semolina Mills

Because of semolina is the raw material for many products in the industry, production capacity and stability are critical for production lines such as pasta. Achieving the desired quality parameters in semolina is a very important issue for our customers. Uğur Promilling considers each project as its own investment, and this attitude allows us to get the most positive return from our clients and be the preferred choice for their next investment.

Grain Transport & Storage

Uğur Promilling continues investments in the industry. We realize that in order to obtain a high-quality final product, both the quality of raw materials and ensuring their high-quality storage are equally important. Therefore, our company in turnkey projects provides its customers with the best technologies for storage and transportation of grain. Uğur Promilling quickly and confidently entered the industry thanks to its 60 years of experience in the industry and has already been able to provide its clients with numerous turnkey projects.

Maize Mills

Corn and corn products are widely used in many industries. Corn is one of the leading alternative grain crops worldwide, along with products such as flour, semolina, etc. cereals supplied to the consumer. Uğur Promilling offers improved turnkey corn mill with high-performance machines to customers..

Bulgur & Wheat Plants

There is increasing production and consumption of traditional Turkish food bulgur in the world. This provides the potential for our clients to invest in bulgur production in various regions of the world. With the experience and accumulated knowledge, taking into account the geographical data and the needs of the customers, Uğur Promilling continues to bring to the attention of its clients a turnkey bulgur production facility.

Seed Processing Plants

Turnkey projects of seed treatment systems are one more solution that Uğur Promilling offers to customers. Uğur Promilling always creates user-friendly solutions as customer-centric.